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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Technology and It's Infinite Possibilities


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Dec. 16,
So helpful for wheelchair access!!!
The mats kept our wooden handicap ramp clear of snow so well last winter that I've purchased 2 more. Thanks HeatTeak You made our life simpler and safer.

March 27,
It's National Assistive Technology Day!! Celebrate AT Day by getting to know MD Tap Share! The Maryland Technology Assistance Program provides device demonstrations, device loans (meaning you can take it home at try it!!!

 Feb. 1,

I thought it a big deal when they put the trigger button on top of the joystick. On the first Atari joystick, I would use my knee for the button. 

Jan. 31. 2018
Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students and Special Needs
It is nice to see accessibility being built in to software compare to having to pay extra for it, but that is the whole idea of universal design!

Oct. 9,
New Smart Wheelchair Cushion to Address Pressure Ulcers 

April 19,

Grateful Dead Drummer's Quest to End Alzheimer's
The real power of art is still locked up, because there is no way to control or measure it.  Amazing things happens when it is only you, canvas and music!

April 11,

MD TAP works everyday to make sure technology is available to those that need it! This video is a taste of what's possible.

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