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Monday, November 14, 2016

The scariest part of Me Before You is its realism (NOT!!!)

I might get my ass kicked on this one, but you can’t always go with grain. Wifey and I saw this at the dollar movie, maybe that was best so I did not seem like a trader crossing the protest line in our city. I have heard everything about this movie from it is pro-murder to it being a fetish film.

No one gave it the opportunity to be a love story, maybe I am just na├»ve and don’t see the horror plot in the film to kill anyone with a disability. Instead I saw a woman try to become friends with a guy that was pissed off at the world from becoming disabled. How that relationship grew into something more the longer they spent time together.

You to admit it was funny when he said I might go My Left Foot on this one, I’m sure 99% of people had no idea what that referenced. We all feel like that when we first meet new people. For example, when people keep saying what to me. I feel like pulling out my inner Jules from Pulp Fiction, Do you speak English…

I went into this movie with open mind, maybe that is the default as an Artist, to look at things as a work of art and see it as a tool to create conversations.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Artist's Mind


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Sept. 25
First, I thought It meant to be an Artist when you were having successful run in a New York gallery. I realized that I was just a painter that had some meaning, but I was producing paintings to keep the interest in my work. Then I realized I wanted to be more than a painter, so I went for my Master of Art, so I could research my work in different mediums. In order to see if I could carry my message through the many dialects in art. In recent years, people might have questioned my dedication to my art since my production level is way down. Just because, I do not produce art, does not mean it is out of my soul and mind. In fact, my mind is a flipping tornado of art. Between finding the right subject that can hold my passion and desiring to do more writing, it gets over whelming when finding time for each. I realized that it is time to write about the pieces that I have done, to give more insight of my work and maybe find out what direction I want to go in.

April 29,
What makes art look primitive: is it the skill of the Artist, or the medium? A lot of work by Artist with Disabilities may look primitive, I think this has a lot to do with the mediums that are use and this makes the art look more crafty. There are some "masters" of art that have primitive looking piece, but are just as valued as the rest of their collection. Maybe this is art is it's purest form?

Matisse, Clementina Rivera

April 28,
The more I look at Christy Brown’s work, think he may have been influenced by Cubism. This is really apparent in the painting titled Symbols. This self portrait of Brown reminds me a lot of a self portrait of Picasso in a stripped shirt.

April 25,
To me this is more imminence than a a blank canvas. Although I have working digitally for about three years, I keep forgetting it is up to more to filter out. The options the do not work with as with any other medium. Of course I my favorite settings and brushes, I learned real quick how important it is to saves them as exported files. When you update software, it resets your presets and is not fun in the middle of projects.

Feb. 27, 2017

I have been messing around with some new idea for my digital work, but really this start is about taking time figure how to make the software work for me. This is how any medium should be approached by artists, because the medium is your tool.

I had been working for a day, or two and this happened. Most likely, I hit alt, shift command Z, or something crazy like that and did not know it. The problem is, if you do not know how something was done, you do not know how to undo it. This did happen once before and my assistant Allison just changed the paint brush mode. This time that did not solve the issue, I am thinking I can just re-install Photoshop. Then I would have redo everything to my liking.
Youtube is the new home college, I found that it would be better to delete the preference file. If that did not fix the problem you can put the file back. It turns out to be an easy fix and now I know what to do the next time the same thing happens.

Since I am taking time to explore the software, why not take time to figure out the brush presets so I can work more efficient and save me some time. Although it has endless options, I will still have my favorite brushes with their setting. Just as having your favorite brush, or roller for printing. I also was reminder that you can change the brush thumbnails sizes, which gives me a bigger target to hit when I change brushes.
Although I am working with technology, it cannot do the work for me and should be treat as any other medium. Different medium can add a new dimension to my work, but I need to make it speak my language.
November, 12 2016
As always the change of season brings out the art in me. Although I have been messing around with this digital stuff for a year now, I am still looking for the right "brushes" and "tools" for me, still trying to pickup the digital dialect. Is not bad working at home and not having to worry about Daisy eating something toxic. We put a nice arm chair by my desk, so she could sleep and crack her one eye open to check on me.