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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The King Gimp Documentary Series (Repackage)


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The short documentary King Gimp follows the life of Dan Keplinger from age 13 until his graduation from college. This award-winning film documents the struggle of an individual with cerebral palsy entering the mainstream as well as the birth of an artist.

King Gimp began when University of Maryland film producers Susan Hadary and William Whiteford began filming for Beginning with Bong, an educational documentary video on the lives of six children of different ages and disabilities attending mainstream schools. Among them was Bong Delrosario, who later starred in the HBO Special Bong & Donnell, and a young spirited "Danny" Keplinger.

The film King Gimp documents Dan's joys and frustrations including the freedom granted by his first power wheelchair, his rebellion against using a computer-generated voice, his everyday strides for independence, and his most life altering discovery--art.

"Exhilarating but far from embarrassing…"-- New York Times

In 2000, King Gimp won the prestigious Oscar Award® for best short documentary from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. At the Oscar Awards event, Dan Keplinger was so excited he leapt from his wheelchair. "Most people thought I was having a seizure, but I was only jumping for joy," Dan later explained to reporters.

"Don’t wake up Dan Keplinger, because he’s not dreaming..."
-- USA Today

King Gimp has been broadcast on HBO and has received many other high profile awards and recognitions including a Peabody Award, National EMMY Nomination and The New York Festivals Media Disability Awareness Award.

This film is often used by schools, universities and disability organizations as an educational tool to teach disability awareness and inclusion. King Gimp is exclusively distributed by Video Press, as well as two follow-up programs: The King's Miracle and The King of Arts. (A school version of King Gimp is also available with adult-rated language removed.)

King Gimp: For Students

Special director's cut of King Gimp with adult-rated language removed and additional therapy footage. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Coming Soon 
Visit: Medschool Maryland Productions
Call to Order: 410-706-5497

King Gimp: Long Live the King

The King's Miracle: From the moment King Gimp wins an Oscar®, the miracle starts Dan on a new journey.

The King of Arts: Explore the richness of a virtual gallery of Dan’s paintings and hear his commentary on being a professional artist.
 People across the country have been inspired by Dan’s Success. Through his speaking engagements, audiences learn how the world as we know it has inherent obstacles that can be overachieved with perseverance, patience, determination and a winning, fighting spirit.

Screen the movie King Gimp and participate in an interactive question and answer ceremony about the movie, Dan’s personal life, and Dan’s career as a successful fine artist.