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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Some Fun and Crazy Stuff


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Sept. 23
This is what I mean by a transformer wheelchair, I’m sure by the end of one day pieces would be falling off due to my CP. Someone should take the song by the Eurythmics and turn it into Demolitionary Man as the CP theme song.

July 24,
First US National Park to Offer Heavy-Duty Wheelchairs for Disabled Visitors to Enjoy the Scenery

July 10,
A new water park in San Antonio is making sure kids with disabilities don't miss out on the splashing fun this summer.

June 29
The first black Barbie to use a wheelchair is here, and people are loving the message it sends to kids
I like how she comes with her own ramp, as she can tackle anything that gets in her way! I always thought that it would be cool to have a ramp the rotated around my electric chair, it would rest in back of me and when needed, it could rotate from back to forward, over my head. It could also double as a roof in bad weather.
June 29,
50 States. 50 labels. One way to score $100* - MTN DEW®
I wonder if anyone has done the math to see how much it cost to collect of 50 bottles in order to win the $100? Maybe MTN DEW figured people are traveling anyway for festivals so they could use some extra cash.I can see, if they come in 6 packs, people trading them as they do with Olympic pins.
June 13,
This reminds me when I used to go to Skate Land, I would get go on the rink once an hour with three guards. One would push me while one skate in front and the other would protect our 6.

Jun 13,
I really do not know how much work would get done during those late nights during finals? This is the type of thing people wanted to design to get me of my knees when I do my art.

May 2,
Special Needs Drum Corps To Make History By Competing At World Championships