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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cerebral Palsy Facts and Fun Stuff

Sept, 17,

20,000 prize pool. Nominations for the World Cerebral Palsy Day Awards 2018 are now open. 

Aug. 28,

Disability rights activist says people think she doesn’t have sex because she has cerebral palsy — and talks pregnancy and feeling confident in her own skin

April 20,

Why does it seem more accepted to use Botox to treat symptoms of Cerebral Palsy compare to Medical Marijuana?

A few years ago, it seemed to be a "trend" to treat spastic CP with Botox injections. To me, this was an insane concept, to go inject poison into ones body for a temporary fix.  There are some people that would make the same argument of using Medical Marijuana for the same purpose.

To me, they are the some, Botox just seems safer since it is legal and a doctor administrates it. These two drugs are not cures and it troubles me that most of these studies have been conducted on children and not adults. I would rather suck a weed pop, every now and then just relax, nothing is a "cure".

April 10,

Giving a Voice to Cerebral Palsy and Chronic Pain

What My Scars From Cerebral Palsy Surgeries Mean to Me

March 22,

Brain Stimulation May Benefit Kids With Cerebral Palsy, Study Finds

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