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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Disability Threats Under President Trump's... 2020


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June 9,
Trump Administration Faces Pressure To Help Disability Service Providers
Members of Congress are asking the Trump administration why federal money isn’t flowing to help disability providers and others funded by Medicaid who have been walloped by the pandemic.
Starting in March, lawmakers set aside $175 billion to assist health care providers as part of a pair of coronavirus relief bills. However, while disability advocates say billions from what’s known as the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund have been distributed, hardly any has been directed toward providers funded primarily by Medicaid.
The lack of federal aid is hitting agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities across the country especially hard, according to the American Network of Community Options and Resources, or ANCOR, a national trade group representing disability service providers.

Feb, 26,
Trump Budget Calls For Cuts To Disability Programs
President Donald Trump is proposing cuts to countless programs benefiting people with disabilities, advocates say, touching everything from Medicaid to employment and autism treatment.
Trump unveiled his $4.8 trillion budget proposal this week for the 2021 fiscal year that starts in October. The president’s budget is unlikely to be rubber-stamped by Congress, but essentially serves as a wish list outlining his priorities.
Trump is seeking reductions to Medicaid, food assistance, state councils on developmental disabilities, university centers on developmental disabilities and protection and advocacy programs, said David Card at the National Disability Rights Network.


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