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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Interesting Disability Articles 2020


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April 9,
Girl who inspired Charlotte’s Web marijuana oil dies
A girl with a rare form of epilepsy whose recovery inspired the name of a medical marijuana oil that drew families of children with similar health problems to Colorado for treatment has died after being hospitalized and treated as a likely coronavirus patient, her mother said Wednesday. Charlotte Figi was 13.

March, 14,
How The Disability Community Can Respond to COVID-19
Many people with disabilities are at increased risk of serious or fatal complications from COVID-19 (coronavirus). In an active community outbreak, the safest option may be to self-isolate at home, perhaps for weeks or longer. In order to prepare for this possibility, the CDC is currently recommending that people at high risk stock up on necessities, including maintenance prescription medication.

March, 13,
'Who's Going To Help Them?': Caregivers Brace For The Spread Of Coronavirus
Remote work is not an option for home, health and nursing aides, who look after some of the most vulnerable, often themselves without health insurance and earning little.

Feb, 24,
Why Disabled Women Haven’t Joined the “Me too” Movement
Sadly, however, there is still a group of women whose voices are seldom included in the conversation –women whose existence has been so marginalized that most people get surprised at the thought of having to liberate them from the claws of sexual abuse. The sad truth is, disabled women are, more often than not, victimized and abused without them even realizing that what they have experienced is abuse. They don’t know they have the right to say “Me too”.

Feb, 13,
As Caregivers Age, People With Disabilities See Few Housing Options
A national study finds housing choices are limited for people with developmental disabilities who often get little say about where they might live when they leave home.
Currently, about 75 percent of adults with disabilities live with an aging parent or caregiver and most are not utilizing public supports or services, according to a new report from The Arc. More than half of families have no plan for the future.

Feb, 12,
Model Jillian Mercado dedicates fashion week moment to anyone with disabilities who 'has felt unseen and unheard'
As model Jillian Mercado continues to break barriers and advocate for the representation of others with disabilities, her New York Fashion Week debut was an amazing moment that she beautifully dedicated to others.
During The Blonds Fall 2020 show, the Latinx beauty, who has muscular dystrophy, shined bright on the runway while wearing a sparkling gold ensemble topped with an elaborate matching headdress.


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