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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Gender Roles in The Disability Universe


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Have you ever thought about how much gender bias there is in the disability universe, each gender has their certain roles? When it comes to family members as care givers, it is automatically thought to be the mother. This makes most resources more relatable to women and most media would be gear to that mind set. I think that is why when there is a story about a father just being a parent, it will be all over social media. It might be unusual to hear of a dad taking an active role, but I think it happens more than we are aware of, we might still have the stereotype of women being primary nurturers.
On the other hand, when it comes to being an inspiration that always seems to be a male trait. For example, an athlete with a disability, or a film has been based on a male character with a disability. My female friends have always said I am more in touch with my feminine side then most guys. I would think that might be due to that most careers in the disability community are held by women.
All of my Special Education Teachers were women, until I went to high school. As I can recall, I only had one therapist who was a male. Stan the man was straight from the 70’s and all of my other therapist wear Klogs, I bet that is ware Crocs came from. I know I am the person that I am, because of the strong spirited women that have been in my life starting with my mom to my wife and everyone that came in between.

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