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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

My Inner Thoughts, Be warned

My Inner Thoughts, Be warned

April 22,
The other day we took my mom and her hubby out for her Birthday! Of course, the COVID-19 Vaccine topic came up. They said, when they got the shot, the staff told them to keep moving their arms for a few minutes afterwards. This would help prevent soreness from receiving their shot.

I said, finally a benefit of having CP!!! It is too bad us CPers did not copy right arms movements/gestures, think about all the royalties we could have gotten from that Anime stuff.

April 20,
Last night as I watched people gathering in Minnesota to have their voices heard, I notice that there were people signing while some people were speaking. This gives me hope that all these protests are about basic Civil Rights, that is what will bring us all together as one voice to make change happen. No matter what “sub-culture” you may identify with, you know that any discrimination is a cancer on our society.


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