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Monday, April 12, 2021

Are You A Whispering breeze, or A Tornado?

Are You A Whispering breeze, or A Tornado?

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Sadly, I woke up to the news of another human life taken in a Police shooting in MN during a traffic stop. Although we do not have all the facts yet, society needs to realize that our ways of thinking are outdated and are failing us! I do not know why anyone would even consider a career in law enforcement anymore, they are in a no-win situation with the public and within their own ranks. Of course, people should be outraged and want the voices heard but in a productive manner. The cycle of senseless violence needs to be broken by law enforcement and protestors. The age of due process and peaceful protests is over.

What can we do as the public to make change happen, during the past year I see that protesting does more harm than good, people get kill, local businesses suffer, the community is devastated as a whole and nothing gets resolved? Myself, I have never been the protesting type since I spend too much time trying to get people to hear me. I do let people know what I think about certain topics, but I try to deliver my message in a way that people will listen to my voice and know the source. I am the quiet whisper that will not go away, that is what seems to make people angry the most since there is no way to stop free speech.

The only thing I can do is keep expressing my opinion in a way that the right people will notice it. We all need to be mosquitoes, because one mosquito bite can drive someone nuts!

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