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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Sometimes The Bad Guy is Pious


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Originally Posted November 17, 2013

I think one of the biggest tools we can develop as a disabled person, is the ability to read people. Since we have trust them with so much, it would be so easy to get hurt. I am not just talking about financially, as far as that is concerned we are a perfect mark for an identitay thief. for me they only need to make a mess up X, or get a hold of my stamp.
Over all I am saying when you are disable, you have enough problems so why keep toxic people in your life. I started to have this ability as a young man, I would even rather go without help, than knowing it came from someone that I did not really like. To me, this was a way to protect myself from opening myself to the wrong people. I really think my art help me develop this tool as I spent so many years painting portraits and studying people faces. I always took pride that I could count my friends and people in my network on my hands.
As an single guy, it was easier to weed out people in your life as I wanted. In addition, I never had to voice opinion, or explain my feeling about people they just stopped coming around. This job is much harder to do as your family and friends expands, because there is a fine line being protective and seeming as an asshole! You want your feelings to be heard, if you express to much, people will stop listening and put blinders on.
Does anyone remember the Confucius justice act VS. pious? it was a diagram set up as a bulls eye and I think he was stating that every action might not be just, but one should make sure that their action were pious. A pious action is more important then a just act.
Even when you are trying to do the right thing, you might turn into the bad.

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