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Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Artist Way 2020

The Artist's Mind

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August 16,
I Do Have Roots

I may be getting back to my Chuck Close roots, when work digitally I zoom in 200%. It still makes my giggle that is an App to create images in a Chuck Close style, I wonder if he gave input on this project. I this the whole reason of creating art in other Artist style, is to see if they could help influence your own work. When you push a button to create an image, does not help you understand the process, nor would seem to be as fulfilling. One might also consider, how word prediction miss-strews our thought while composing sentences.

I wish, I could look at a canvas and what is in my head would just appear, but would that be as rewarding as working through the creating process. Really working digitally takes longer then I work in a tradition medium, most people would assume the opposite. Even I work with process as Photolithography, it takes longer, because a lot of it is finding out what does not work. I found when you combine art and technology, most of your time is spent on trial and error.


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