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Monday, August 31, 2020

Do You, or Don’t You Want to Acknowledge Us?

Do You, or Don’t You Want to Acknowledge Us?

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First in the 2016 election, the Republicans try to throw out the Disability vote in the south, since many people were not able to sign their own names. This is insane because I have been doing Absentee Ballot since I was 18 and it even gives the option to have someone sign for you.

If I cannot sign my name does that mean I do not even exist, because I cannot sign the back of my Social Security Card. If this is so, I do not have to follow any of societies rules and ride around naked.

Once again, in the 2020 election the Republicans are trying to suppress the disability vote by doing away with the United States Postal Service. The mail box does not know the difference between an absentee, or mail-in ballot. In fact, there is little difference, absentee ballots are request by voters, and mail-ins are automatically mailed out. There is no special way to tell the difference, so by default Trump wants to take away the right to vote from millions of people. For example, there are In the United States alone, 48.9 million people who have a disability and in general 1 of every 6 voters has some type of disability. In Maryland a lone 66% of voters are People with Disabilities that took part in the 2012 Election.

It seems as if the only way that the Republicans want to hear from PWDs, is when they can control the messaging and it becomes propaganda. The most recent incident happened Sunday night in a tweet from Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) showing a video of activist Ady Barkan got a “manipulated media” label from Twitter. Barkan has ALS and speaks through voice assistance.

“The edited version of the clip in Scalise’s tweet, adding the words “for police,” at the end of that question, makes it appear that Barkan is asking Biden to defund police completely, a position Biden has said he does not support.”

This also happened to me in the 2000 Election, some low life took clips from King Gimp and inserted a “voice over” so it sounds as if I was a Bush supporter, at least I think. To be fair, I could not figure out what political party this would support. The editor was just being an ass.

No matter what your Political party is, you should be mad when a group is being used as Political pawns.

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