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Friday, May 1, 2020



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It might be a contradiction that I have a heavy presence on social media, and I do not know what I ever did without text, but when it comes to one on one communication, I have always resistance using ACC Devices. Technology is meant to enhance our lives, not be a substitute for human touch. For example, the mythological third arm that people always spoke of for an eternity, now this has become to be reality with the use of voice control. Does it have the same connotation as walking/rolling across the room to turn the light on for someone?

As art and technology merge, how do I keep my voice from disappearing that is what I was mostly concerned about as I turned to digital media. My mark making in my artwork is my language, this lets the viewer see my thoughts without having an interpreter between us being, human or electronic devices. No matter whether I communicate by voice, or art there is an intimacy that creates an unexplainable bond with me. I might talk with thousands of brush strokes and words, but it only takes one to feel my passion.

Be Thankful Obey Me, 2002 Legs Just Another Night Out
Closest Ears Up The Dan Turbulence I
500 quadquilith time My Gate Way Yaaaa
Free Past Good & Evil Nurture
The Winndow Beastly The Real Fear
Bondage of Liberty No My Precious
  Awareness VS Activist  

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