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Friday, June 28, 2019

2020 Presidential Election


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Feb, 3,
Disability Advocates Push to Make the Iowa Caucuses More Accessible
People with disabilities have garnered significantly more attention this cycle than in previous years. Nearly all of the top Democratic presidential candidates have released specific plans addressing disability issues and moderators asked a question on the topic at the December debate.

Jan, 27,
OPINION: U.S. presidential candidates are finally taking disability rights in education seriously
"Regardless of how one feels about Buttigieg, the renewed focus on disability rights during the 2020 U.S. presidential election is already making them a mainstream issue. Inclusionists, like myself, hope that conversation around Buttigieg’s education policy will sway other candidates to detail how to engage with families of nearly 7 million children receiving special-education services in the United States. Special education was never supposed to be a place but rather a service." -Tim Villegas

Jan, 20,
Buttigieg’s Plan for Parents With Disabilities Is a Blueprint for Other 2020 Candidates

Jan, 16,
Some With Disabilities Don’t See Themselves in Amy Klobuchar’s Disability Plan

Jan, 14,
Which 2020 Democratic Candidates Are Taking Disability Rights Seriously?

Nov. 19,
Julián Castro Is the Latest Democratic Candidate to Release a Disability Plan

Oct. 8,
Elected for Inclusion: A Presidential Forum on Disability Issues
Washington, D.C. – The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and REV UP Texas are proud to announce Elected for Inclusion, our national nonpartisan Presidential forum on disability issues. The forum will take place on January 13, 2020 at the AT&T Hotel and Convention Center in Austin, Texas in advance of Super Tuesday and the November 2020 elections.
Elected for Inclusion – the Presidential Forum on Disabilities Issues will place the pressing questions the disability community faces on center stage and give major party Presidential candidates an opportunity to discuss policy decisions that affect approximately 23% of the American electorate.

Sept. 24
How do we achieve 100% participation by Maryland voters? EZ-Vote! Here’s how it works:
I have notice that Facebook has been doing a voter registration campaign, they should also list alternative ways to register since note everyone can go to their post offices and other places. In the United States alone, 48.9 million people have at least one form of disability. From physical impairments to mental ones, these challenges pose limitations on their lives and the world’s accessibility. I found a map of votes by PWDs, really shocking that the voting percentage is so low since so many of our lives are effected by every decision made in D.C.

July 25,
How Accessible and Inclusive Are the Presidential Candidates’ Campaigns?

July 25,
Beto O’Rourke Campaigns with Disability In Mind

July 23,
Joe Biden Runs for President to Bring a Democracy That Serves Everyone, Including People with Disabilities

June 28,
Not one 2020 candidate has a website that is accessible to the blind

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