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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Will senators make amends and protect the ADA?

The ADA does not only apply to those that have been disabled from birth. It also applies if you, or a love one become dependent on a wheelchair, or just a leg scooter. The path has been paved for you because of the ADA and advocates as myself.

When our men and women come home hurt from serving our country: the ADA not only gives them the right to move freely around their community, but the right to vocational rehabilitation. It also gives them the right to go back to college, so they can still be contributing members of society.

As we live longer lives the ADA help set the blue print for Universal Design, so the elderly can still get around their communities and stay in their home for as long as they can.

I would hope everyone would consider all of the benefits the ADA has brought to our society. If the powers to be, continue this autopsy they are putting the dollar before people.

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