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Friday, February 16, 2018

House Votes to Gut the Americans With Disabilities Act to Nip 'Abusive Lawsuits'

In a 225-192 vote Thursday, most House Republicans and a dozen Democrats passed a bill that makes it harder for disabled persons to sue for discrimination, in an effort to prevent opportunistic attorneys from taking advantage of business owners.

from my understanding, suing under the ADA is not meant for monetary gain, but to create awareness and an environment welcoming to all. To the people and attorneys out for the easy buck, they do not understand the disability movement and do not represent anything I fight for.

Their has been many times a business would rather compensate me monetary then to make changes to correct a situation. For example airlines: when they leave my wheelchair on the tarmac as we take off, or sit me apart from my travel companion, They offer me a travel voucher rather then to come up with a remedy for the next passenger.

There has been many times when I said no thank you, to their meaningless vouchers! To me that is a pay off and not solution.

More information:

House passes changes to Americans With Disabilities Act over activists’ objections  that
Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), a lead co-sponsor of the bill, said in an interview that she has “witnessed too many rip-off artists in California that are in it for just making a buck.”

Here is how your State Rep. voted! 

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