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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Conflicts of Sexuality and Disabilities

Since NPR's Investigation Finds Hidden Epidemic Of Sexual Assault, I am all for sex education for People With Disabilities. It needs to fit on the intellectual leval of that person. This might be a double edge sword, because sex can be bliss and frustrating at the same time.

I recently had a conversation with a young friend, he had many questions. For example, do regret waiting until you old was older to become active?
No, once you have an apple, you want the orchard.

Why didn't you and a friend....?
Anybody can have sex, but can anybody be friends?

On flip side sex education creates awareness, against sexual assault. When you know how something should be, it brings awareness when it is wrong. It seems that sexuality is still taboo in the Disability community and the only time it becomes a topic of conversation is for the wrong reasons.

Conceptual Artwork is a photograph by Stephen Wood
#sexuality #disabilities #sexualassault

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