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Saturday, February 18, 2017

There is Nothing Like A Blank Canvas


So why do I take breaks from producing art, unlike when I was in school and had a gallery deal because I can! When you are in school, or a gallery you are really creating work for others. As in school you are working for the next grade, although the professors are there to give you a nudge when needed and somewhere along the way you discover your voice. If you are one of those who wait for the due dates, it does show in the work that you were rushed.

The same can be said for when you hit it big with a gallery, you need to keep working while people are interested in your work. The 15 minutes’ thing goes faster than one realizes. Not that this is all bad, because it fed my zest in life. Meeting new people and have different experiences feeds my work because it is energized by fate.

Although many people around me do not like to see me hit the wall in creating my art, it is a necessary evil. Art is my language, I do run out of things to say. In addition, I do not want my work to illustrate how the teacher from Charlie Brown sounds.

Just because you cannot see my art, does not mean it has escaped from my heart. To me art is about what you have to say and how you want to make it be heard! The one thing all Artists and inventors have in common is that they must feed their creativity.

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