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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Having a Disability is a Full-Time Job

Having a Disability is a Full-Time Job

This week I started using the Evvie system in Maryland before getting penalized for being the rebel I am. I can already tell this new system of keeping track of my care hours will be a pain in my ass than anything. I like that it calculates my hours, but other than that, using this system is like having a full-time job.

With paper time sheets, I only had to worry about them on the due date, and I could cut and paste stuff. With Evvie, it is another daily task clocking in and out and then approving each shift. The Annkissam App only records the hours worked, and with this, you have to be very precise, down to the last minute, or it will blow your budget out of wack. In the next step, the employee and the participant must log into the Evvie portal to approve each shift for each employee.

Even with myself being a wizard on the computer, these are tasks that I should not have to worry about!


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