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Monday, February 7, 2022

Things To Ponder 2022


August 25,
California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars

Before California makes everyone use electric vehicles, shouldn’t they fix the power grid first?

August 16,
One might start to question; how I can advocate for others since I could not make myself heard in order to save our marriage. After a 20-year friendship, courtship and marriage my wife and I have parted ways. We both made mistakes, no one is perfect. It is better to live apart, before the damage was too great before someone becomes resentful.

Now maybe the task is to show people, it is also possible to start new chapters in life and just because you do not agree with others. One can still respect each other and find commend ground.

March 3,
Protection and safety of persons with disabilities in Ukraine

There are 2.7 million persons with disabilities registered in Ukraine. Our contacts in the country have confirmed that the situation for persons with disabilities is appalling. For example, shelters in Kiev are inaccessible, so people with disabilities are forced to stay at home, not knowing where they can go to be safe.

Feb. 28,
Ukraine invasion by Russia: disability rights in times of unrest

As Ukraine is invaded by Russian forces, our writer, reviewer and Disability Horizons TV presenter, Zec Richardson, discusses the often forgotten issue in times of war – how disabled people are affected and their disability rights.

Feb. 15,
I wonder if; Bitcoin counts as income against SSI, or other disability benefits?

Feb 7,
If you have a Podcast; you can say oops, sorry my bad for using racer slurs and missing leading information. Whereas books can be banned or burned for questioning one’s political and religious beliefs.

Spotify won't be 'silencing' Joe Rogan amid controversy: CEO
Tennessee school board bans Holocaust graphic novel ‘Maus’ – author Art Spiegelman condemns the move as ‘Orwellian’
Tennessee pastor leads burning of Harry Potter and Twilight novels


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