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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

I Am Thankful...


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Originally Posted November 18, 2015
I have been asked by Autism Speaks to post about what I am thankful for. Really that is a quite easy question to answer.

I am thankful for the networks that I developed in each stage of my life to help me achieved the successes. They range from being fully educated to having a thriving career as an Artist. With their help and believe in me, I have been able to show the world that people with disabilities can do anything that we want to.

I can still call the producers of King Gimp and tell them I am a bit stuck with something and we will figure it out. I can email my professor at Towson University for advice, or to get help on my latest projects.

Then you have the people as Smoot, Brianna, and countless others who support me during the studio madness. Most viewers look at my artwork and see what I created, but not the assistants who help in the studio. Sure they help with mixing paints, prepping the canvas, but also snacks and hydrations. Then there are the days that the magic is not happening, so we go do something ridiculous to recharge the creative batteries.

Although I will keep reaching for my next stage of life, there will always be a team of ninjas supporting me.

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