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Saturday, April 13, 2024, What In The World??!, What In The World??!
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Image from VSU, GA

Who would think would be so popular? Of course, it was taken before I would get home from the Oscars and was for sale for a gigantic amount. I had to wait a few months until the domain name was available again. I had the domain name for about 20 years, and about seven months ago, it was bought out from under me. I typed in the URL, and it went to an Asian gambling website. I looked it up the other day, and now it is a Middle Eastern website. It makes me wonder what king means to different cultures.

Was it worth the time and money to regain the .com? I was Godaddy and saw .coffee. HMMM!!!! That is more like me; anyone who has spent time with me knows how I am about coffee, especially in the studio. I have been asked what inspires me, and I jokingly replied caffeine. The URL is just me; I am sure it will be harder to get web traffic to my site. Since when have I taken the easy way, my way leaves an impression. It has been over 24 years since the documentary was unleashed on the world, and I still receive messages from around the globe; welcome to!!!


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