Friday, April 14, 2017

When people with disabilities and the elderly live in HUD housing does that mean they have lesser right than any other tenants?

When people with disabilities and the elderly live in HUD housing does that mean they have lesser right than any other tenants? Does it give the property manager the right to act like a bully? Once again, I feel like it is my obligation to speak for the voiceless, but this time my friends will not speak up in fear of retaliation.

For months, I have been hearing stories of their apartment complex has become a jail more than a home due to the manager’s threats. If my friend lived anywhere else can the manager tell him who he can, or can’t have in his apartment if no laws have been broken?

On another account the manager said if my friend does not file a report against his neighbor, my friend could be could face eviction. To me this is black mail and the manager is the that breaking the law. All this time I have been telling my friend, he needs speak up. The manager is abusing her position, but all the tenants are in fear of being evicted if they did take a stand.

Up until now Dena and I could just give people our advice since her actions were not directed to us. Yesterday our son that we advocate for, received a letter on his door stating that we are banned from the property, without breaking any laws. The manager just does not like how we tell the tenants that the disabled have rights too and they do not have put up with her bullying.

The two other issues that were mention in this letter were about I should not have mail coming to my friend’s address and my service dog comes to visits him. First, I am my friend’s payee rep so why would not my name be on his bills and other documents. Really why is this any of her business? How would she be aware of this, unless she is checking other people’s mail and in that case, she is breaking the law herself.

When the manager did ask me about me service dog, I did provide her with the proper documents and she has a copy for our Sons file. Really this is hypocritical, because the manager can bring her dogs to work but other people cannot have them visit. If she really cares about her tenants, she would encourage animals to visit since they uplift people’s spirits.

The manager of the building is owned by Bayview Management Llc, should see her job to advocate for disabled, not a dictator and it is no different then being back in an institution. My purpose of this letter is to bring awareness and see what steps can be taken to advocate for the tenants, so please give me your advice?

Is it legal to ban visitors of any kind?


Monday, February 27, 2017

Are You Master Of Your Domain

I have been messing around with some new idea for my digital work, but really this start is about taking time figure how to make the software work for me. This is how any medium should be approached by artists, because the medium is your tool.

I had been working for a day, or two and this happened. Most likely, I hit alt, shift command Z, or something crazy like that and did not know it. The problem is, if you do not know how something was done, you do not know how to undo it. This did happen once before and my assistant Allison just changed the paint brush mode. This time that did not solve the issue, I am thinking I can just re-install Photoshop. Then I would have redo everything to my liking.

Youtube is the new home college, I found that it would be better to delete the preference file. If that did not fix the problem you can put the file back. It turns out to be an easy fix and now I know what to do the next time the same thing happens.

Since I am taking time to explore the software, why not take time to figure out the brush presets so I can work more efficient and save me some time. Although it has endless options, I will still have my favorite brushes with their setting. Just as having your favorite brush, or roller for printing. I also was reminder that you can change the brush thumbnails sizes, which gives me a bigger target to hit when I change brushes.

Although I am working with technology, it cannot do the work for me and should be treat as any other medium. Different medium can add a new dimension to my work, but I need to make it speak my language.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

There is Nothing Like A Blank Canvas


So why do I take breaks from producing art, unlike when I was in school and had a gallery deal because I can! When you are in school, or a gallery you are really creating work for others. As in school you are working for the next grade, although the professors are there to give you a nudge when needed and somewhere along the way you discover your voice. If you are one of those who wait for the due dates, it does show in the work that you were rushed.

The same can be said for when you hit it big with a gallery, you need to keep working while people are interested in your work. The 15 minutes’ thing goes faster than one realizes. Not that this is all bad, because it fed my zest in life. Meeting new people and have different experiences feeds my work because it is energized by fate.

Although many people around me do not like to see me hit the wall in creating my art, it is a necessary evil. Art is my language, I do run out of things to say. In addition, I do not want my work to illustrate how the teacher from Charlie Brown sounds.

Just because you cannot see my art, does not mean it has escaped from my heart. To me art is about what you have to say and how you want to make it be heard! The one thing all Artists and inventors have in common is that they must feed their creativity.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The scariest part of Me Before You is its realism (NOT!!!)

I might get my ass kicked on this one, but you can’t always go with grain. Wifey and I saw this at the dollar movie, maybe that was best so I did not seem like a trader crossing the protest line in our city. I have heard everything about this movie from it is pro-murder to it being a fetish film.

No one gave it the opportunity to be a love story, maybe I am just na├»ve and don’t see the horror plot in the film to kill anyone with a disability. Instead I saw a woman try to become friends with a guy that was pissed off at the world from becoming disabled. How that relationship grew into something more the longer they spent time together.

You to admit it was funny when he said I might go My Left Foot on this one, I’m sure 99% of people had no idea what that referenced. We all feel like that when we first meet new people. For example, when people keep saying what to me. I feel like pulling out my inner Jules from Pulp Fiction, Do you speak English…

I went into this movie with open mind, maybe that is the default as an Artist, to look at things as a work of art and see it as a tool to create conversations.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Artist's Mind

November, 12

As always the change of season brings out the art in me. Although I have been messing around with this digital stuff for a year now, I am still looking for the right "brushes" and "tools" for me, still trying to pickup the digital dialect. Is not bad working at home and not having to worry about Daisy eating something toxic. We put a nice arm chair by my desk, so she could sleep and crack her one eye open to check on me.

Other work:

Friday, October 21, 2016

Potato, Potatoe,No It Is what Works for Me!

Da!, It only took me three to figure out that JJ from Speechless does not uses an AAC Device. Rather it’s an old school communication board with a light pointer, so that is why people repeat what he has to say.  Hey it works for me, would people still get his humor/personality if it were a computer voice?  I wonder how long that debate went, I’m sure it was more interesting then the debates that have been on TV recently.

In contrast is the new Jaguar commercial with Stephen Hawking that ends with an AAC Device laugh.  When you compare the two ways of relating personality, which one is more effective and really it comes down to personal preference.

Once again I state there is no right, or wrong on this. For some people the independence is more important then depending on a middle person. Then there are hippies as me that wants an interpreter to get my thoughts across that has my twists.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I just viewed the trailer ABC's new comedy Speechless

I just viewed the trailer ABC's new comedy Speechless, for me it hit all of the cords that I am looking for. I laugh the whole trailer, but when the brother is speaking up about wanting more mom time, I could relate very much to this. Until now no body really thought about the impact of having a child with a disability on the other children. In fact it made me tear up thinking about my own family since so much of my Mom’s time was focous on me, what did that do to my siblings?

I was laughing and being “entertained”, but at the end of each joke, I had to stop and think what was just presented to me. For example, the accessibled ramp at JJ’s new school. Most people would have a conniption fit if they had to smell trash each time they went in and out of a building, but some how it’s acceptable for the disabled since its accessibled.

I have come to the hypothesis that when disabilities are present in any media. It is not there to represent people with disability as a group, but to challenge the way people think about that situation. When it comes down to it any form of entertainment, it is art and good art is there to evoke one’s emotions and thoughts. My hope is that Speechless can stay on this path and I will be rolling right along with JJ and his family.