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Sunday, April 28, 2024

How Much Is Too Much AI?

How Much Is Too Much AI
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I often thought about how nice it would be if I could think of something and have it written down in whatever app I wanted. If this was the case, would I be more willing to use this as a form of communication? My argument for not using a communication device is that it still takes time to write my thoughts out, so why not just voice them? It also builds a bond between me and the person I am talking with. On the other hand, my personality could still be missing, which could ultimately depersonalize the experience of knowing me.

I take the same approach to my art since each piece represents me as a person. How can AI imagine my art in the same way that I do? When the Chuck Close app came out, anyone could create an image in his style, but do you understand how he works and why? The concept of art is to convey thoughts and feelings. Can AI represent us, individuals? Different marks within an artwork can change a feeling for that second.

Can AI represent us as individuals or reinforce stereotypes? Is the efficacy and speed of AI worth losing our unique abilities and voices? I might be the most conflicted about the use of AI. The other week, Mary and I were having Manny time and surmised that my body needs tomorrow's technology, but I have a soul from many lifetimes ago.


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