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Friday, September 29, 2017

When Passion Needs to Be Seen

I am someone how has more respect for the constitution and the amendments then I do the flag and I know that is a contradiction. When I look at the flag, it is a symbol of unity, equality and everybody as one, but I have never seen the country in that light. Ever since I have been 18, I have voted because that is my job in return for the rights that people have given with their lives. Also, the men and women who served and now live their daily lifes with the nightmares from what they experienced.

It is also my job to speak up when seen an injustice taking place and I have done that since being a little boy. That is why I respect the constitutional amendments more, because the amendments let us be seen as individuals and that is the reason why people are just pissed off. Our leaders are not listening to the people they serve and the boil is about to pop. The problem is actions can drown out the message, especially when passion takes over. The bigger picture is there needs to be a conversation that we live in a country that we all are not treated equally and the divide is growing every day.

If our leaders are going stick their heads deeper in the sand, then it will take a tornado to unburied their heads. I am a that guy who can go talk with a CEO and left the office with their jaws on the floor using my words as weapons. The other end of the spectrum is acting as a lunatic when seeing someone parked in disability space just to drop off at a red box. I have blocked them in the space screaming my head off to make my point. So, I do what I need to get my message across.

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