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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sophomore Year for ABC's Speechless

I am very happy to see J.J. and family back for season number 2, something that most shows have not done when a character with a disability is the focus.  This might be a show that you are more drawn to, because one can relate to the different characters.  I relate to J.J. because I have been through that experience, other people can relate to the parents and others might be in the shoes of Kenneth.

I have talk to friends that think the show should be more edgier I know Speechless is rolling a fine line. It is under the eye of many groups, the two big one is those with disabilities and those without.  something that may be gimp humor to us, could turn off a lot of people.

I would like to see this show keep its humor, because if I did not see the humor in life things would get very depressing for sure.  In Sophomore year of high school student start thinking about college and if they want to go out of their home state. I think issues as this should brought into the show. This would be more complex for J..J. due to his disability. A few weeks ago, I had the thought of what if, the Medicaid fight popped up in the show, it could affect the support they got in school and at home?  Although it would strike a chord with the disabled community, others could see it as not the right platform for the issue.

The Key to the show is to keep it topical, but funny in order to keep its appeal to the masses and that is a monumental task in these times.

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