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Thursday, September 14, 2017

It’s Society man????

Yesterday we were out doing some every day task and the Gimp Mobile shut down, we think it was a dead battery. So, we are in a super market parking lot half way sticking out in the isle. I am telling Wifey just to start asking people if they mind giving us a hot shot. You would think some guy would at least ask if they could help seeing that the van’s hood was open, but no. It was a group of 6 women that tried to help us. Even thou we could not get the van started, they offered to drive us back home since we only live two miles away, but Wifey already called our road side assistances and we did not want to miss them.
The guy came and decided the van should be towed, but nobody could be in the van while being towed and he only could let one person ride with him. His truck had a bench seat, so all three of us could have fit in there. I was in my power chair and did not feel like causing more stress, I just rolled home of course Wifey hated that idea. It was a rainy day and she didn’t know if the route was safe. I really did not say anything to the guy, because I would have gone gimp on him.
When the guy drops off the van at our place he parked the van 2 feet from the curb, Wifey said please move it closer so people will not hit it. His reply was you have insurance so don’t worry about it. Insurance does not cover accessibility and what they would pay would not even pay for half of the modifications if something would happen to our van.
Here is this “guy” that is suppose to be helpful and relieve some stress is doing the opposite. By letting a disabled man walk home in the rain and did a drunk parking job and putting our van at risk, because he wanted to get his job done.

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