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Friday, February 25, 2022

The Road to WW III?

The Road to WW III?

March 15,
A new stamp honors the Ukrainian soldiers who profanely told off a Russian warship

Ukraine introduced the design for a new postage stamp that memorializes a now-famous battle cry rallying the country in its fight against the Russian invasion.

The stamp — called "Russian warship, go f*** yourself!" — references an interaction on Snake Island.

March 14,
There is never a good reason to start a war, but if it saves lives in Ukraine, it is worth the risk. All these political games being played by the U.S. and other countries is the same as watching someone getting their ass kicked and asking if I should call the police?

March 4,
VIA: @InclusionEurope
War on Ukraine: Protect people with intellectual disabilities and families

The situation is complex and different in different places. In Kyiv, fighting, frequent alarms, should be covering in shelters or basements day and night.

Most mothers are powerless and simply stay in apartments with adult children with intellectual disabilities during airstrikes.

These words have been in the news and used by “world leaders” lately, but what do they really mean?

The Road to WW III?

One must wonder why NATO is not going into Ukraine to help fight against Putin’s war. Is it unlawful for them to put boots on the ground since Ukraine is not an official member of NATO? it feels as if everyone is saying they want to help, standing at the borders and just watching this tragedy happen.

Putin is a mad man, he is not only killing innocent people and destroying decades, if not centuries of history and art. He is also oppressing his own citizens' by locking them up for protesting this war. War is always driven by one man’s quest for power, not the good of the people.

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