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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

LG Remote Case

Silicone Case for LG TV remotes

The Silicone Case for LG TV remotes, or the Remote condom! This newer version is really like a condom then the first one since it slips down on the remote compared to the first case. The previous version was an open face and had the tendency to pop off and loosen its fit

This case has a grid face and fits around each button for a more secure fit. This case might be meant to protect from cracking in falls, but it also keeps the battery cover on. I also like the silicone, because the remote cannot slip off the bed or when sitting on hard surfaces. When you have one figure to push buttons, I cannot hold the remote as they are designed for. I am sure there are cases for other remotes too, one just must know what to look for.

Oh yes, some also glow in the dark!!!


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