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Monday, February 24, 2020

What Does Green Convey to You?

What Does Green Convey to You

I have often been asked why I use so much green in my work, for me it is a color of contradiction. Sometimes green can mean weakness, or illness; for example, gangrene as if my body is defective since the wires from my brain have bad connections. When I talk to kids, I use the instance of a bad WIFI connection as a way they might be able to understand my disability better. The message has no problem going to my brain, but it gets scramble coming out to my muscles. Other times I see green as a sign of strength, for example The Incredible Hulk. Although he is seen as having unlimited strength, most people might see him as being weak since he cannot control his mind and the mind always trumps the body. For the record I more of a fan of The Incredible Hulk TV show than what is seen in the comics.

I also found it fascinating that green is the color of the Cerebral Palsy Awareness ribbon, maybe this was something I knew unconsciously? I do know this for sure, if we could become human generators, we would be independently wealthy because we have an endless supply of energy. It would even be better than solar power since our bodies never stop moving.

It is natural for parents and care providers to become overprotective, but we limit our selves too by being comfortable with the path we choose. I encourage you to remember that green is a symbol of growth and freshness. The more you evolve as individuals, the further progression it will bring to our fellow CPers. We all have equal amount of a roll to play in this, even though most would go unseen. We are no different than other researchers and scientists, their whole life is about asking questions and finding solutions. Only a few get to be the Albert Einsteins and Stephen Hawkings, but their work was base on other’s that proceeded them. We all have ideas that can lead to bettering the disability movement as a whole.


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