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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

My Brother, Paul DamonKeplinger (1974-2014)


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Originally Posted February 9, 2014

My Brother, Paul DamonKeplinger 1974-2014

I was a bit disappointment when they canceled the big snow for Saturday. Given the events of the past week, it would have been a good reason to hibernate for a few days and veg out on the Olympics.
There are too many connection to my brother’s passing, some have made the connection of being the anniversary of Paul’s best friend, Tim’s death and the Facebook Post that Paul wrote a year ago to mark it. I also think Paul knew there would a lot of things around to trigger reminder of him to other people.
Paul love to pull mind shit just to see how others would react. Well get this one, when we were about 12 and 11, the winter Olympics were on and Paul had the TV in his small bed room. There was a snowstorm one night and schools were closed, so we stayed up late watching the down hill skiing. Then we got the idea to start playing Monopoly, just to make the night even longer.
So the weekend after Paul’s passing they were call for snowstorm, the Olympics started, and Maryland lottery is advertising their new Monopoly scratch offs.

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