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Thursday, May 30, 2019

F Keeping calm, Just Carry On


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For a few years I have felt as if the Disability Movement has been slipping back words, especially when the moment King Trump took office. In fact, as soon as he took office, the White House Disability site went down, and it is still down to this day. Please check for yourself at, if he does not acknowledge our struggle for our basic human rights than why should I respect him as the P********? The next two acts against the Disability Movement were trying to cut Medicaid and making the ADA so weak that it is useless. Let us take the ADA, there is no government agency to enforce it. It is up to the everyday person to file a complaint, wait until a court date, and prove the case. Then we do not really know if the problem will ever get “fix.” The ADA was not signed into law to punish people, but to create a universal design to make our communities accessible for all.

Most people think Medicaid just pays for medical issues and PCA so PWDs can live safe and independent lives, but did you also know Medicaid also helps pay for program in special education? These all are basic human rights for everyone, that is why we get so passionate and will do anything for our voices to be heard. I am not really the type to go protest in a crowd, although when I have it feels good and always lose my voice. The thing I do question about protest, is my voice really being heard because that has been my arch nemesis throughout my life. So, I would rather use my art to raise awareness of the fight we face daily. Just as when I go speak even if I can change the mind of one person out of hundreds, I achieved my goal. It can be one squeaky wheel that can bring an assembly line to a halt.
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