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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Signs To Ponder


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Oct. 1,
Why not, we also have to file and pursue ADA violations. If we are doing the work of government officials, shouldn’t we also get their budgets?

Sept. 21
From my experience “wheelchair sex” is best for quickies, but I am a guy that does not spend time in my wheelchair unless I am going out. While at home I am either in a desk chair, bed or on floor. Now what if you have one of this transformer chairs? I can hear it now, so how did it break this time, well…

Sept. 20
Now this would be a fantasy

May 3,,

May 21, 2018

An awesome awareness message to share about handicapped parking spots from BraunAbility!

As part of National Mobility Awareness Month, BraunAbility is educating the public about the misuse of parking spaces reserved for wheelchair accessible vans. You can help! Please download and distribute this educational flyer at or simply share this post. #savemyspot
April 26

Being mean is not a disability, so get out of our parking space! When I first into HUD housing there freak out because I went out after 6pm. Some think just because I used to need help getting ready for bed, I go to bed when they wanted me to.

April 12,

Hey baby lets go knock foot plates!  
Is foot plat rubbing foreplay for gimps?

April 4,

March 27

Inspiration Matters - Making a Difference section features "The Accessible Icon"

20 Most Powerful Images of Teachers & Students From the March For Our Lives

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