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Friday, March 9, 2018

Justice Department withdraws review of ADA access at Harris County polling sites

From my experience, polling places are either at public school, or at government building. To me, I would assume that these places are in ADA compliance, but do not forget most of these buildings have been in used before there was the ADA.

Now here is the interesting part, if the new ADA laws are passed. Although these are public school and government buildings, there will be no officials to make sure they meet ADA guidelines. It will be up to People With Disabilities to notify the property owner of the violation. When PWD go vote and cannot get into the building, or booth the bigger crime is that our voices are not being counted.

Under the "new ADA" the property owners has 180 days to bring their facility up to ADA codes, really this would not be acceptable in an election cycle. Why should it be our jobs to tell the government to give PWDs access to the thing that America was founded for, the right to have ever voice count. First you are taking away our rights to accessibility, but more importantly the right to be part of the election process.

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