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Friday, April 14, 2017

When people with disabilities and the elderly live in HUD housing does that mean they have lesser right than any other tenants?

When people with disabilities and the elderly live in HUD housing does that mean they have lesser right than any other tenants? Does it give the property manager the right to act like a bully? Once again, I feel like it is my obligation to speak for the voiceless, but this time my friends will not speak up in fear of retaliation.

For months, I have been hearing stories of their apartment complex has become a jail more than a home due to the manager’s threats. If my friend lived anywhere else can the manager tell him who he can, or can’t have in his apartment if no laws have been broken?

On another account the manager said if my friend does not file a report against his neighbor, my friend could be could face eviction. To me this is black mail and the manager is the that breaking the law. All this time I have been telling my friend, he needs speak up. The manager is abusing her position, but all the tenants are in fear of being evicted if they did take a stand.

Up until now Dena and I could just give people our advice since her actions were not directed to us. Yesterday our son that we advocate for, received a letter on his door stating that we are banned from the property, without breaking any laws. The manager just does not like how we tell the tenants that the disabled have rights too and they do not have put up with her bullying.

The two other issues that were mention in this letter were about I should not have mail coming to my friend’s address and my service dog comes to visits him. First, I am my friend’s payee rep so why would not my name be on his bills and other documents. Really why is this any of her business? How would she be aware of this, unless she is checking other people’s mail and in that case, she is breaking the law herself.

When the manager did ask me about me service dog, I did provide her with the proper documents and she has a copy for our Sons file. Really this is hypocritical, because the manager can bring her dogs to work but other people cannot have them visit. If she really cares about her tenants, she would encourage animals to visit since they uplift people’s spirits.

The manager of the building is owned by Bayview Management Llc, should see her job to advocate for disabled, not a dictator and it is no different then being back in an institution. My purpose of this letter is to bring awareness and see what steps can be taken to advocate for the tenants, so please give me your advice?

Is it legal to ban visitors of any kind?


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