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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Apple Crash Detection and Cerebral Palsy

Apple Crash Detection and Cerebral Palsy

The other day, I saw the commercial for Apple Crash Detection and my warped mind starts thinking about how offer my CP could trigger the alarm? I was not far off since the has been false alarms caused by roller coasters, this has not only happened on the iPhone, but also the iWatch. One would be surprised by how much force a CP fling, or backhand has. The iWatch might be fines waiting to happen! People underestimate the potential energy in a CP body until they are on the wrong end of it. If I could find a way to harness the power in my body, I bet I could live off the grid.

I would turn the crash detection feature off, I can imagine the alarm going off and someone calls to see if I need help, then they would really send the rescue trucks. This has happened many times with tele-marketers, they would call me and start asking if I needed help, because of the way I sounded. Thank God, no police, or EMS ever showed up. Although, I would hope this would be the case if someone really needed help.


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