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Monday, September 12, 2022

SSI Extra Payment September 2022

SSI Extra Payment September 2022

For the past few months, I have been seeing popup headlines that say extra $1600 for SSI recipients. I never click the links since I never seemed to receive notices or remember hearing about this in the news. I figure it was another false flag, I finally research the extra payments since it is supposed to happen in September.

From my understanding, this is not an extra payment, we will be getting our October checks before the first due to October 1st falling on the weekend. With this occurrence, we are receiving two checks in one month due to the calendar, not because the Feds voted to give us an extra payment. This is very confusing and could cause budget problems for countless Americans that do not have a rainy-day fund.

When I hard we would get an extra check this month, I already had that sucker spent thinking it was acting as another stimulus check. If I followed my impulse, I would be freaking out by the 3rd of October wondering whare my regular check is and how will I pay bills?


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