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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Face Masks a Necessary Inconvenience

Face Masks a Necessary Inconvenience

Last week St. Louis required people to wear mask again except for while eating at a bar, or restaurant. They also made exceptions for people with disabilities that have trouble putting a mask on and off.

This would include people as myself that would rather stay away from groups of people then adjusting a mask every second. Although it is to see officials acknowledge this is an issue for someone with a disability, we still need to be responsible and help stop the spread of the different types of COVID.

Although, I have been fully vaccinated for about two month I am in no hurry to go into a mass gathering. I have been in 4 public buildings in the past year and a half. I do miss socializing, but there is still to many unknows about COVID. I have not feared getting it, but rather being a spreader since people need to have close contact with me. We all must do our part to defeat this epidemic.

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