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Friday, January 15, 2021

Education Tid Bits for Students With Disabilities


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Nov. 30,
VIA: @parentcenterhub
Finance Glossary

This glossary contains terms relevant to finance for IDEA Part C and Part B, Section 619 programs. The terms include reference to IDEA and other related federal fiscal requirements as well as those specific to billing public and private insurance for IDEA services.

March 23,
Special Education Advocates Press Biden Administration For Funding Boost
DETROIT — Typical public education initiatives that get a lot of attention like teacher pay raises and funding for preschool are taking a back seat to emergency needs as schools reopen classrooms and provide services to students learning at home.

While Michigan educators anxiously await federal COVID-19 relief aid, they are also calling on President Joe Biden to fully fund special education.

Some see the shift in control of the White House to Democrats as an opportunity to boost support for children with special needs and their families while easing pressure on state and local education budgets.

January 15,
What Biden’s Pick for Ed. Secretary Discussed With Disability Rights Advocates

Advocates for students with disabilities met with President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for education secretary this week to voice concerns about issues ranging from school discipline to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on special education services.

If confirmed by the Senate to the cabinet role, current Connecticut Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona could play a significant role in special education at a time when advocates fear that many students with disabilities have been left behind during rolling school closures and remote instruction.

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