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Monday, June 1, 2020

Racism and Hate in America


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Maybe this is a spark of hope, but honestly a few bad seeds will always cause decay to the whole orchard. Sadly, there will always be discrimination in the world as long as we have people like King Trump in office, who does not see all people as equals and will abuse their power. We all experience different degrees of discrimination and it should pull as together to say enough is enough, because one ounce of hate is too much.
When I do go out, I should have my Master’s degree floating over my head. Even if this was possible, there will always be someone who acts like I have the R-word tattooed on my forehead. I do not compare this being killed; the fact is when we go out of our homes, we all have a label/target on our backs. If you keep fanning the flames for hundreds of years, you will get torched.

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