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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Maryland DDA Wants to Use A National FMS for Self-Directed Services

Well this sucks, because this could mess up Budgets. I picked my FMS based on what they charged since that had to worked into my budget. If my new FMS charges more will Maryland DDA increase my budget, or make me redo my budget to cover the new FMS cost?

The Arc Central Chesapeake Region takes great pride in playing a role in Maryland's self-directed services program, which offers unparalleled choice, authority and flexibility for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We've had the distinction of serving as one of two Fiscal Management Service (FMS) providers for the program for over 10 years.
At this time, the Request for Proposal (RFP) is forthcoming from Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). A Request for Proposal is the process DDA will use to award a contract for a FMS provider for the self-directed services program. While the RFP has not been made public as of this writing, during recent state-wide waiver information sessions, DDA has made it clear that they will contract with a sole source national vendor for FMS services going forward. As a long-time vendor for the program, this was challenging information for us to process, but it was helpful to our understanding of the intentions of DDA and their trajectory for Maryland's self-directed services program.
After thoughtful consideration, we will honor DDA's plan for advancing self-direction and will respectfully transition with grace and excellence. We've made the tough decision not to respond to the RFP when it is posted. We will, instead, focus our efforts and resources on providing quality services to our program participants and other stakeholders to help ensure a successful transition to a new FMS vendor. We look forward to partnering with DDA in transition planning when the time comes, which will likely be for FY'19.
The Arc Central Chesapeake FMS team thanks you for your support and continued patronage. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to reach out to us.
Your FMS Team
The Arc Central Chesapeake Region

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