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Friday, October 21, 2016

Potato, Potatoe,No It Is what Works for Me!

Da!, It only took me three to figure out that JJ from Speechless does not uses an AAC Device. Rather it’s an old school communication board with a light pointer, so that is why people repeat what he has to say.  Hey it works for me, would people still get his humor/personality if it were a computer voice?  I wonder how long that debate went, I’m sure it was more interesting then the debates that have been on TV recently.

In contrast is the new Jaguar commercial with Stephen Hawking that ends with an AAC Device laugh.  When you compare the two ways of relating personality, which one is more effective and really it comes down to personal preference.

Once again I state there is no right, or wrong on this. For some people the independence is more important then depending on a middle person. Then there are hippies as me that wants an interpreter to get my thoughts across that has my twists.

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